Homemade Whipped Body Butter - Lia Griffith


Homemade whipped body butter made simple! Enjoy some simple luxury with this DIY bath and body project. Follow our tutorial and print our recipe today...


  1. Posted by abivazzz, — Reply

    Whatever y’all do, do NOT, EVER, use essential oils for your face. ESPECIALLY not for EYE CREAM. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and you do not want to irritate it

  2. Posted by Jrzgrl98, — Reply

    Did anyone else notice that it's a pin for wrinkle cream(which I need!), and it links to body butter (which I don't need?)

  3. Posted by maheerahj, — Reply

    do add a preservative y'all as we're adding water in it which will attract germs and bacteria can grow easily in water.

  4. Posted by kj6437, — Reply

    Wish I could get this recipe to hold still.

  5. Posted by getstartedsingh, — Reply

    How can we use rose water that is hydrophillic with wax which is hydrophobic.

  6. Posted by 0xyj4gvsp8oo1a58j3qrj0mixeqwcw, — Reply

    بعض الوصفات تنقصها الترجمة لا نريد ان نخسرها فهي جميلة ومدهشة جدا

  7. Posted by holbrook2520, — Reply

    Great ideas!! Feels good on my skin reading about them!!

  8. Posted by murtaish1, — Reply

    I need recipe for glowing ,smooth and toning face cream

  9. Posted by jennifersoh16, — Reply

    These recipes will definitely help me get wrinkles.

  10. Posted by vjohnson12152988, — Reply


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